Diploma in Business Administration (N/340/4/0344)

[Dual Certification Award(s) - Optional]

The Diploma in Business Administration was designed to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge relevant to business-related areas and to develop their skills of analysing and solving business problems. The course is suitable for those who are interested to pursue a career in business.

The program is linked with key business professional organizations to empower graduates to be recognised when they leave to join the industry.

The Diploma in Business Administration programme is designed to:

  • Provide students with a business education along with additional knowledge and abilities to succeed in a particular area of business.
  • Developing in students the ability for critical thinking, for integrating business knowledge across different business functions and disciplines, and for utilizing current theory in approaching practical business problems.
  • Help students find entry-level employment in business, government, or any other industry in which business skills are needed.
  • Prepare students to face international competition by infusing, innovation, entrepreneurship and enhancing their creative.

    Note: The diploma program is taught in English. Local or foreign students who wish to take up this program must ensure that their English skills are good. We encourage weaker students to better their English by joining the Certificate in English Language first prior to taking up the diploma program.

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